Cloud-Enabled Management with Enterprise Level Security


Data has become the world’s most valuable resource. How you store it, protect it and access it may decide the success or failure of your business. That’s why we’ve taken an entirely different approach to securing and managing your data.

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The BIOS-SHIELD™ Difference

Once a BIOS-SHIELD™ laptop is activated, the user can safely connect to the internet and have full access to our cloud enabled features with superior data protection and remote manageability.

Traditional PC

The security and management of traditional PCs reside within the software. The Windows® agent communicates with and controls the hardware.


BIOS-SHIELD™ transforms the PC to enable security and management to flow through the hardware.

How BIOS-SHIELD™ Secure Cloud works

Once a BIOS-SHIELD™ enabled laptop is activated, users can register to gain access to the BIOS-SHIELD portal and have full access to our cloud enabled features with superior data protection and remote manageability.

Understanding The Features

  • Take control of your end points
    • If needed, Windows® 10 can be set to back to the original factory setting.
    • Administrators can remotely force a reboot or a shut down to limit access to the corporate network.
      * Available with cloud only.
    • Should a user loose their PC, administrators can remotely disable it. The PC will not be able to boot Windows®. Should the PC be recovered, administrators can remotely re-enable it.
      * Available with cloud only.
  • Quickly restore, back-up and encrypt data
    • End user can trigger a "snapshot" which is a point in time HDD image capture that saves to their PC. Should the user encounter a virus or malware attack, users can select a previous snapshot and initiate a rollback to quickly recover their corrupted or missing data.
    • BIOS-SHIELD™ PC has full hard drive encryption to help protect corporate data from both insider or external threats.
  • Prevent unauthorized access
    • Based on customer’s security policy, administrators can decide to disable Mass Storage Device, networking and printers to prevent un-authorized data leaking but still enable Audio/Video devices so that an end user can access video calling.
    • While USB thumb drives are a great business tool, administrators can limit access so that data can only be read on a pre-authorized PC.
      Should a USB thumb drive go missing, the data is encrypted and cannot be read in any un-authorized device.
      Un-authorized USB drives that may contain a virus will not open on a BIOS-SHIELD™ PC.
  • Blocks malicious websites
    • BIOS-SHIELD's secure container enables users to freely search the internet and safely screen-shot and move graphics, photos and PDF files without fear of importing a malicious link.